Affiliate Email Notification

Learn how to send important notification to your affiliate as an email using Afflr

Affiliates will receive email notifications for the following operations in the affiliate program:

  • Notify when a new affiliate application is received

  • Notify upon the successful completion of an affiliate order

  • Notify when an affiliate commission is approved

  • Notify when an affiliate requests a payout

  • Notify when a payout is successfully processed

Enable Email

To enable email notification,

  1. From the Afflr dashboard-> Settings

  2. Click "Email"

  3. Select the Affiliate tab

  4. Toggle the Enable button adjacent to the notification you want to activate

How to edit Email

To configure the email template,

  1. Click on the edit button parallel to the notification you want to edit

  1. From there, you can edit the subject line, and email body, and customize the font and style as required.

  2. Click the Save button to save the changes

Short codes

Short codes dynamically display the content related to the particular affiliate when used along with email content in the format mentioned under the mail body.

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