Getting Started with Afflr

Setting up Affiliate Marketing with Afflr app

Afflr: Affiliate Marketing

Afflr simplifies the management of affiliate marketing programs for your Shopify store. This comprehensive manual serves as a step-by-step guide to help you unleash the full potential of Afflr.


Install and enable Afflr in the theme of your Shopify store to effectively automate your affiliate marketing

Affiliate Program

As a first step, create your affiliate program

Then you can configure the affiliate program based on the business needs by customizing various elements

Even after setting up an affiliate program, you have the flexibility to edit or update it as needed.


Recruiting affiliates is a crucial step in an affiliate program.

Affiliates can be directly added by admin or accepted by sign-ups through affiliate landing page or affiliate portal. Admins can then review and approve affiliates at a later stage.

Affiliates can also be reassigned to new affiliate programs once their current one expires or even if it's ongoing.

Unique Affiliate link and code is assigned to each affiliate upon their addition. These affiliate links will help to keep track of the sales perused by the affiliate.

These affiliate links and codes can be accessed by admin as well as by affiliates.

You can customize affiliate code to suit the affiliate program or affiliate.


Afflr enables real-time tracking of Sales and Commission that can help you be informed about the real-time key metrics


You can initiate the payout process and monitor its history effortlessly.

You can also use PayPal or Tremendous to pay your affiliates.


Afflr provides advanced settings to make your affiliate marketing efficient and also offers provisions to change commission settings.

Additionally, you can also enable email notifications on important updates and then customize emails with your content and logo.


You can integrate Klaviyo and Zapier with Afflr to add additional features to better your Affiliate Marketing.

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