Import Affiliate List

Learn how you can effortlessly import affiliate list and assign them an affiliate program

When you have a list of affiliates, you can import a CSV file with affiliate details instead of manually entering them one by one.

By default, all affiliates added by importing CSV files will be auto-approved.

To import the affiliate list,

  1. Navigate to the Afflr admin dashboard -> Affiliates -> Import

  1. Click Add File and upload your CSV file.

[Note: Download the sample CSV file to find the compatible template]

Here is an example of the template of the CSV file that should be uploaded.

3. Select the affiliate program to be assigned to affiliates in the CSV file

4. Choose the program and click Add

5. Once the affiliate program is assigned, upload the file by clicking the 'Upload CSV' button

Important Note:

If you import affiliates without a referral code, then it will be automatically generated by the app for each affiliate. You can upload the file with an empty field under the referral code header.

If any row is invalid, it will be skipped and the process will continue with the remaining valid rows.

Maximum file size is 1 MB. Additionally, the CSV file must not exceed 1000 records.

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