Customize Commission

Learn how to customize commission for an affiliate program depending on the requirement of the program

A commission is an incentive for affiliates to bring in new customers or sales. It is important to offer affiliates attractive rewards for their efforts. Afflr provides you with easy ways to customize your affiliate commission.

Types of Commission

  1. Simple Commission

  2. Advanced Commission

Based on the need of the affiliate program, choose the commission rates

Key Aspects of Commission Customization

Before choosing a commission type for your affiliate program, be informed of the following facts

  1. By default, a customer using the same affiliate link for consecutive purchases will not be accounted for if the recurring commission is not enabled.

  2. If a customer's affiliate purchase doesn't go through, the affiliate can still utilize the same link to enjoy a discount on their next purchase, even if the recurring commission isn't enabled.

  3. When the recurring commission is enabled, affiliates must ensure that customers use their affiliate link or code for consecutive purchases to receive commission. Failure to do so will result in the purchase being treated as a regular sale and not an affiliate sale.

  4. When an affiliate is assigned a new program, the recurring commission and tier structure set will not transfer. Affiliates will adhere only to the conditions set forth by the new program.

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