Advanced Commission

Learn how to award tier based commission to your affiliates

With this method, you can motivate affiliates by awarding more commissions when they perform better.

There are two options for commission type

  • Percentage: Affiliates receive a certain percentage of the sales as commission

  • Fixed Amount: Affiliates receive a predetermined fixed amount as commission regardless of sales volume

Based on the performance of the affiliate, you can either increase the commission percentage or a fixed amount.

There are three ways to build the tier structure

Total Referral Sale Amount: Select this option, when you want to award a higher commission as the total sales bought by the affiliate start increasing beyond a certain amount

Total Referral Sale Count: This option is applicable when a better commission is allotted after the total number of sales by the affiliate keeps increasing over a fixed number

Total Number of Referrals: Choose this option if a higher commission is to be awarded as the number of referrals by the affiliate increases

Afflr also provides an option for setting more than one tier to allot the commission to the affiliates.

Follow the example to see how a two-tiered commission is set for an affiliate program

We will be awarding a 5% higher commission for every 10 referrals the affiliate brings.

  1. Choose Percentage as commission type and Total number of referrals as tier type

  2. Set the initial commission percentage as 5%

  3. Click Add Tier

  1. Now set the total referrals as 10 in the first tier and the percentage as 10. Then set the total referral as 20% in the next tier and commission as 20% as referred in the following screenshot

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