Additional Configuration

Learn about the additional configuration that can make your affiliate program more efficient and effective

Afflr offers advanced features for customizing affiliate programs.

1. Define minimum requirements for discount eligibility

  • Minimum purchase amount: The minimum bill amount required to qualify for a discount.

  • Minimum quantity of items: The minimum number of items required to be purchased to qualify for a discount.

Tick the checkbox near the name to enable the option

2. Set usage limits

Specify how many times a discount can be used by an individual user. To enable the option, tick the checkbox.

3. Limit to one use per customer

Enable the option to restrict the discount to one use per customer.

4. Choose additional discounts for this program

Pick what other discounts can be allowed along with the affiliate discount specified in the affiliate program

  • Product discount: Discount on a particular product

  • Order discount: Discount on total order value

  • Shipping discount: Discount on shipping amount

To choose an option, tick the checkbox beside the name.

[Note: You can choose more than one option or choose none]

5. Program expiration

Set an expiry date, specifying the duration of the program in days.

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